Where I Am At — What Is Going On

I don’t want to lie and say I haven’t had time to do written content, I am just trying to position myself to do a better job of being more consistent across all mediums. Here is a bullet point list of what I have done since the last post. Opened a new location in Chicago…read more

Amerilube Is Already A Year Ahead of Quick Change

Amerilube is not open on Sundays unlike Quick Change, so this means the first month is in the books for Amerilube. Quick Change is open tomorrow so there is one more day to add revenue, but in a side by side comparison Amerilube is already a year ahead of Quick Change. July 2016 Amerilube 10…read more

A Few Ways to Grow Your Business

After the 16-hour workdays, eleventh-hour decision making, empty aspirin bottles and half-eaten sandwiches, your business is finally a… on Medium »

Starting a Retail Business? Start Here.

The world of retail is everywhere you look. It’s the coffee-cart kiosk you pass on your way to the office in the morning; it’s the brick… on Medium »