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How-To: Entrepreneur Tips. Making Your Service Easier To Sell

Wanna know how to better sell your service? Package and position it like a product–these marketing experts show you how. How important is it that your services be easy to sell? Wouldn’t it be even better if they were easy to buy? Imagine the possibilities if each time you spoke with a prospect, they said,…read more

ATG 007 – Getting Speaking Gigs, Dealing With Vendor Balances, & SB Cash & Inventory Management Pre-Order a copy of “Zero Down Business” How to buy an existing business with little to no money. Tweets by CostaKapo Have you ever wanted to own your own business but felt that you don’t have the necessary money to? Have you ever considered that it is possible to buy an EXISTING…read more

15 Ways to Be a Better Entrepreneur

Learn how to run and grow your business more effectively and efficiently. Need help reenergizing your business? Out of creative ideas for reaching your business goals? We’ve compiled a list of the top 100 tips to improve your business. Consider it your checklist for maintaining a successful business. Expand Your Business 1. Take on the…read more

Record Number of Small Businesses Were Bought & Sold in America in 2016’s Fourth Quarter 2016 Insight Report shows small business transactions continue to reach new highs as growing financials make for a hot market San Francisco, CA –, the Internet’s largest business-for-sale marketplace, reported today that annual small business transactions reached record levels in 2016, topping 2015’s totals by 8.6 percent and 2014’s previous high…read more

Some Retail Business Ideas

Traditional storefronts aren’t your only retail option. Here’s a crash course in the fastest ways to start selling. Forget what you’ve heard about retail businesses requiring tens of thousands of dollars, long-term lease agreements and several months to get up and running. The truth is, there are plenty of retail opportunities that break all those…read more

How-To Buy An Existing Business: Institutional Venture Capital

VC funding isn’t always easy to obtain and and you’ll have to give up equity, but when you’re a high-growth company with high-financing needs, it can be your best bet Definition or Explanation: This type of funding includes venture capital from professionally managed funds that have between $25 million and $1 billion to invest in…read more

How-To Buy An Existing Business: IPO

Ready for a whirlwind ride? Take the ultimate funding trip by going public. This guide will help you prepare. What It Is: An initial public offering (IPO) is the sale of equity in a company, generally in the form of shares of common stock, through an investment banking firm. These shares subsequently trade on a…read more

How-To Buy An Existing Business: Direct Public Offerings

Take your business–and your quest for funding–directly to the public by selling shares in your company. What It Is: Direct public offerings (DPOs) are the direct sale of shares in a company to individual investors. After the shares are sold by the company, investors may or may not trade on a stock market or exchange….read more